99 1.3 Boot Lock - blrovers
Looks like the boot lock on my 99 Fiesta Encore has gone and will need a repair done on it or a complete replacement. I've heard that some locksmiths repair broken Ford locks if they are taken out first.

Does anyone have any advice to a complete novice on how to remove the boot lock on a Fiesta Encore hatchback?

I'm sure this job would cost a packet at a Main Dealer or garage?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.
99 1.3 Boot Lock - bell boy
if its packed up due to non usage then quite often liberal doses of something like wd40 squirted in the hole with a little screwdriver opening the flap will get the thing going by wiggling the key after the application,obviously not wiggling to the degree you will break something
try the above procedure before removing the lock which is a poor design and the cable from lock to boot catch often breaks on the lug

to summarise
have a scratch and a yawn
try key
99 1.3 Boot Lock - blrovers
Thanks a lot bell boy. Certainly something worth trying for a start I'd say.

Yeh I've read quite a bit here about Ford's 'Notoriety' with door locks!!