1999 2.0 very poor mpg - rajah

I have a Honda Accord 2.0 Executive, auto, 1999 reg, 98k miles.

I now almost exclusively do local town driving , but im sure the mileage has recently plummeted to about 220 miles to the full tank.

I believe it has a 14 gallon tank, so that works out at 15mpg which is awful. Im pretty sure it used to do about 290-300 to the tank only a year or two ago.

It recently failed emissions at MOT. So after that, i had the rear exhaust changed, the o2 lamba sensor changed (original honda one), i had a basic service (spark, oil, air filter), also engine flush, no smoke etc. I also had the timing belt done (it was due, 98k miles on the clock)

It passed the MOT without issue, but im sure the mpg has plummeted.

Anyway, is there anything else i can check or change that would affect the fuel economy drastically?

Honda dealer said I would have to send it in for a 45 quid check to see what could be wrong.
Any quick things i could check/change myself?

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1999 2.0 very poor mpg - bell boy
possibly the auto box is worn out and slipping
your brakes are slightly on causing drag
your tyres are under inflated causing drag
the air filter wasnt changed
the emmissions since mot have gone off ie map senser etc

personally i would pay the bargain $45 if i was you and see what they say


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