00 2.0 HDI Major Problems - help please? - aluno
hi guys

im having terrible problems with my 306 2.0 HDI ive spent nealy a year and £3k trying to get it back on the road and have decided to give it one last attempt because im still paying it off and i love her dearly and it killing me watching her rot in the driveway.

ill ty to keep it brief but informative.

originally started about a year ago, engine light came on, wouldnt start. The car also ran on considerably after the key was taken out of ignition. all the while car in limp mode.

Took it to the family mechanic (which turns out to be a very bad decision) who tells me its glow plug relay, turns out its not. After many more hours of deliberation its decided the high pressue pump has gone.

Replaced pump(£600) and ran fine for 10 miles, took it back to get the reply 'must be the mass airflow sensor' replaced (£90) no luck then to be told must be ECU, which replaced with another 306 2.0 hdi ecu, (which any mechanic worth his salt would know you cant do because of electronic tagging or something). Replaced ECU (£130) then still no luck. Was then told must be crankshaft sensor, guess what the course of action was......correct! Replaced (£40) still no luck. Finally decided to take matters into my own hands and had the original ECU sent to ECU doctor in plymouth(£120). Said there was a fault that could of caused the high pressure pump to go. So fixed ECU placed back into car and still no luck.

Took car to peugeot(i know your thinking, do all that THEN take it to peugeot! remember i was originally quoted £15 for a heater plug relay). Anyway peugeot said errors coming up were to do with pressure regulator gone causing the car to run on after keys taken out, also swarf was found in the back of the filter housing.

i need to know if the running on of the car when keys taken out IS the pressure regulator and do i need a peugeot Pressure regulator (which are prooving hard to find) or is a universal one ok?

Also how can i test the lift pump as its pretty much the only part of the car that hasnt been replaced.

can anyone shed any light on this. ive spent too much money on he to just scrap her and she only done 80000miles. so i was hoping you guys migh have some thoughts
any help much appreciated
thanks - sorry fo the novel

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00 2.0 2.0 HDI Major Problems - help please? - Panda_man
Ouch. You have my sympathies...

Firstly, swarf in the filter is a very bad sign in this engine. There is a tendancy for the low pressure in-tank pump to disintegrate and metal particles then contaminate the whole fuel system. I believe Peugeot's approach was to replace everything in the fuel system if this happened. This sounds like overkill but the injector tolerances are so small that tiny particulates can block them so I can understand the logic behind it. Swarf in the fuel filter is either from the low pressure (in tank) pump or from the high pressure pump. If the swarf was non ferrous it is the low pressure (in tank) pump that is disintegrating. This is easy enough to change and costs about £130 but the whole fuel system could be full of rubbish now.

You also say that a pressure regulator had failed. I think the pressure regulator is built into the fuel filter housing (about £50). Are you sure they said the pressure regulator and not pressure sensor? Reason I ask is because the pressure sensor is part of the injector rail and isn't available separately.

What to do next? Given that there is likely to be contamination in the fuel system I think there isn't going to be a happy ending to this saga but if you're inclined to give it one last try read on.

When you first turn on the ignition, you should be able to hear a faint hum that lasts about 5 or 10 seconds from beneath the back seats. This is the in-tank pump. Does it sound noisy and rough? Drain the fuel filter into a clean receptacle and look at what comes out. Any metal filings? Are they shiny silver or bronze coloured? If bronze coloured it may be worth replacing the in-tank fuel pump, filter housing and having the fuel system flushed. No guarantees that the injectors and high pressure pump will be OK but it may get the car working again.

Given the age of the vehicle and the low likelihood of a proper repair (without spending a lot more money) I think you need to reconsider cutting your losses at this stage.

Good luck
00 2.0 2.0 HDI Major Problems - help please? - aluno
hi thanks for the help panda man, yea peugeot said it would cost £800 just to look at it, take it all apart and flush it.

I have been prepared to install a new lift pump since the high pressure pump went and i had it replaced. is there a way i could flush the system myself?

ill test the pump tomorow and post the results here.

also yes im sure they said pressure regulator, i think ive found a replacement high pressure pump for £75 which has a pressure regulator on it, just waiting to hear what condition the pump is in.

thanks fo rthe help
00 2.0 2.0 HDI Major Problems - help please? - Collos25
I would auction it and get rid.
00 2.0 2.0 HDI Major Problems - help please? - oilrag
I agree with Andy. It`s nine years old too and not worth much more than scrap value anyway. I would cut my losses and buy a petrol car - used diesels are not worth the risk these days and with DPF, the same new.

Sorry to be so blunt.

Good luck.
00 2.0 2.0 HDI Major Problems - help please? - aluno
thats the problem im still payin the car off and scrapin would mean i have to pay off the original finance then buy another car and overall i would end up even more out of pocket so repair seems the most logical answer. if i can get it going then i will consider selling before it plays up again.

turned on the ignition and there was next to no noise from under the back seat, drained the filter and there were a lot of particles in the fuel. is the next course of action replace the intank pump and fuel filter nad housing. where can i get the filter and housing already fitted
thanks for the help