Stupid vehicle fault reports - bathtub tom
I had to use a works van the other day and had a few minutes to waste, so I thought I'd look through it's fault log.

Windscreen washers need filling.

Windscreen washers filled.

This book is designed to be used for when the vehicle is put in for repairs. It looked like the van had been taken off the road and sent to the workshop to fill the washer bottle.
Stupid vehicle fault reports - Armitage Shanks {p}
It looks a bit stupid but, in the winter, the user isn't going to fill it up as they won't have the right screenwash/de-ice mixture to hand.
Stupid vehicle fault reports - Manatee
I'm with Tom - driver's responsibility, fluid should be provided so he can top up if he is not expected to provide it himself - which might have been the point he was making of course!
Stupid vehicle fault reports - bathtub tom
Sorry, I should've pointed out washer juice is kept centrally (a box of five litre bottles). Taps and buckets are readily available.
Stupid vehicle fault reports - Manatee
Reminded me of the apocryphal aircraft fault log -
Stupid vehicle fault reports - Vansboy
Thought I'd made a big mistake, on an LDV400 tipper, I bought, when I picked up the paperwork, from the auction.

It was a sensible mileage ex Council, vehicle & looked pretty good, for a tipper.

The service book, was in fact a brown manilla folder, which couldn't be closed properly.

But once I started readin through, comments like low tyre pressure, amber beacon not working, wiper blades squeeking, were all the types of 'fault's the driver had noted.

They probably weren't always pleased to see it in the workshop, but it was one of the best trucks I bought & still running around Hertfordshire, looking smart, for the garden bloke, that bought it!

Stupid vehicle fault reports - b308
Reminded me of the apocryphal aircraft fault log -

Very funny, thanks, M!
Stupid vehicle fault reports - L'escargot
Windscreen washers need filling.

'Er indoors reports faults like that to me on our car.
Stupid vehicle fault reports - jc2
And so she should;saves filling the engine with water.
Stupid vehicle fault reports - ForumNeedsModerating
It always amused me (before I routinely requested them no to bother) when a service report 'identified' a service item 'issue' with: lack of windscreen washer cleaning fluid- new fluid fitted.

Stupid vehicle fault reports - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I've been in the civil/public service. These logs are compulsory and disciplinary action is likely unless they are filled in. Even for trivial items. Now that I am in the private sector, several layers of administration (all internally monitored) have been lifted.Any log books are treated with common sense.