Front coil spring replacement - GerryA
Had full 4-wheel steering geometry checked and realigned in early Feb.
Mid March had f/n/s coil spring failure, so followed Vx recommendation and had both sides replaced. [see other posting on this matter]
Should the repairing garage - Vx dealer - have had the geometry re-done/checked?

The tyre specialist where the geometry check was done, said 'certainly' The VX garage said not necessary . . .
Who's correct?
Front coil spring replacement - Simon
In theory the replacement of two coil springs should not make any difference to the wheel alignment and it is not normal practice to check it afterwards in my experience. If you wanted it checked after the job was done then you would have to pay for the privilege, they wouldn't do it for free as such.
Front coil spring replacement - Number_Cruncher
It really depends on the exact car - if there's an adjustable part of the suspension that has been disturbed, and may not have gone back exactly in alignment, then, it's good practice to check the geometry - which would be a separate job. However, some Vauxhalls have a suspension design where you don't disturb any settings, so, the garage may be quite correct in what they say.