2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - Ian71
Ever since I had the washer pump changed, and a new battery fitted, the alarm has been prone to going off every now and again for no apparent reason. I am getting pretty tired of this now and have resorted to leaving the car unlocked.

The alarm seems to arm whether it is deadlocked or not. It also activates when I press the button that is meant to turn off the interior monitoring. Is there a way that the alarm system can be deactivated? This is the latest in a long line of other faults with the car and I am hopefully going to get rid of it soon, so therefore don't wish to spend much in the way of money on it.

Any help would be appreciated!
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - Dynamic Dave
The only way to not arm it is to reach in through the passenger door and press the lock button on the drivers door and then exit out through the passenger door. However the deadlocks won't be set.

If the alarm has a fault then there should be a message "Check Safeguard" on the stereo display, and the only way to reveal the fault is to have a diagnostic check carried out.

Usual culprits include the backup battery in the powersounder, and the bonnet pin switch.

If you knowingly disable the alarm then by rights you should inform your insurance company as your car would no longer have a Thatcham Cat 1 approved security system fitted.
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - Ian71
Thanks DD - I'll use the 'temporary' solution for now. There are no error messages coming up on the display.

Would you think this is something that I would have to take to a dealer to locate, or do you think that a local backstreet mechanic/electrician would be able to sort? I just know that taking a car with a difficult to identify fault can be a bit of a money pit especially with main dealers who seem to be capable of little more than routine servicing. I'm probably being unfair, but I do have experience of this!

thank you
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - Dynamic Dave
If there are no error messages then that usually means that something like the backup battery in the power sounder is ok.

When setting the alarm, does the LED on the dash come on for 10 seconds, then start flashing; or does it flash straight away when you set the alarm?

If the latter, then that also is indicating there is a fault with the alarm - the most common being a door, boot or bonnet left open.

My first thought is the bonnet pin switch as you've recently had some work carried out under the bonnet.

A competent independent alarm specialist may well be able to sort it for you. Ultimately though a Vauxhall dealer would plug in their Tech2 diagnostic reader and interrogate the car's ECU to see if anything is wrong.
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - topbloke
tech 2 would tell the tech what the last 10 things that set the alarm off, most usual culprit is the pain break sensor but you wont have this on your vectra so as suggested i would bet that its the power sounder batteries, dont bother wasteing time trying to take them out you cant get replacements without a great deal of searching, just not worth it, if you go to dealer make sure that you have the security code as they will need it, Regards TB
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - Ian71
Thanks DD and TB.

I have just tried setting the alarm and the warning light is solid for about 10 seconds before starting to do its usual flash. I am guessing something upsets it after that?

TB - the car is the estate version, so does have a sensor on the rearmost side windows for glass breakage. If the batteries are difficult to find, would it mean the whole thing would need replacing?

2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - Dynamic Dave
If the batteries are difficult to find would it mean the whole thing would need replacing?

Just the power sounder. But from what gather, not all of them have back up batteries. In my Aug 2003 handbook it mentions the system having a back up power supply, but has an asterisk next to the comment which indicates that its not standard on all vehicles. In my 2007 handbook there is no mention of a back up power supply at all.
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - topbloke
yes if its an estate it will have pane break on rear windows and the solid light before flashing means a fault you are going to need a code/history read from the atws any good garage that has tech 2 (not only dealers have tech 2 its available through the trade) can access, the batterys are in the power sounder but don't go down that route untill you have had it code/history read, Regards TB
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - Dynamic Dave
and the solid light before flashing means a fault

Sorry to disagree with you TB, but if the LED flashes during the first 10 seconds of setting the alarm, it's indicating a fault. A solid light for the first 10 seconds means the system is ok.
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - topbloke
i stand corrected,still worth a history/fault check
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - Ian71
Finally got it to the dealer and it is one of the rear window breakage sensors - and they want £230 to fix it. Basically, the 'wire' running round the edge of the window is beoken and to repair it requires a new window. Does this sound reasonable, or is it possible to disconnect the breakage sensors becasue I am guessing that the hatchback version does not have them?

Any help would be apprecaited!

2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - Dynamic Dave
I've seen mention on vectra-c.com that when this happens people just link the wires together to do basically what the wires are doing in the window - that being to complete the electrical circuit and fool the alarm into thinking everything is ok.

The other alternative is to claim for a replacement window through your insurance, if you've got glass protection? It will be cheaper than the £320 that the dealer wants.
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - SpamCan61 {P}
If the wire is on the surface of the glass and you can find the break might be worth trying a fix with some conductive paint:-


If not I'd do what DD says.
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - topbloke
normal and cheapest way is to remove the connector and link the wires together as posted above, however this could invalidate your insurance !!!!!!!
2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - robgsxr
I am new to this forum and came here looking for a solution to the same type of problem as above.
My vectra 1996 has the alarm contimually going off. I have now disconected the siren the internal button the horn and I learned you can disconnect the box in the foot well which I have done. I tried re programmming the fobs before doing all this. I have succefully stopped the alarm and flashers going off by unplugging the box in the drivers footwell but the alarm mucst still be triggering because my main car battery is dead in the morning.

Many people have asked on various forum how to totally disable/bypass the alarm. I am asking the same if anyone can help. My car is worth no more than £200 so it seems pointless to have a GM dealer fix the problem at an expense greater than the car. If this helps the original post great.
Can anyone help with my request to disconnect my GM factory fitted alarm

2004 1.8 How do I disable alarm? - vectradriver
On the above:
I had the same issue, locking with fob, and alarm sounding. The led on the running man was flashing when set... This means a sensor fault. On the estate, there are alarm strips on the rear windows... This had been sliced when I had tinted windows done. In the boot, the shelves that hold the boot cover, are 2 screws, 1 at each end. Remove these and the boot light, and pull the shelf off. There are 2 spade connectors attached to the window it's self, remove the connectors and connect the 2 wires together, I just used a chocolate block connector. Do this on both sides to be sure. Start your engine to clear any faults, then set the alarm from fob. The running man light comes on for 10 ish seconds, then flashes... Job done.... Took me 20 minutes... Of this don't cure it, you will need a tech 2 scan (upto mid 2009).
Good luck....
I spoke to my insurance, and it increased my policy by £28, but is far cheaper than £300+ for a new window and a scan!

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