03 1.6 auto Replacing spark plugs - bluenun
Hello, I have just changed the oil SAE 5 W 30, oil filter EFL 600, new sump plug and air filter on my Ford Focus 1.6 auto 2003.
I used to get my spares from Halfords but this year used the Ford dealer as the prices were similar.

I would like to replace the spark plugs soon as I have done about 35,000 miles now.

Last year I bought some NGK 731 TR5A-10 but have not fitted them yet.

In the Ford owners guide it says to use Motorcraft AYFS 22 C
In the Haynes manual it says use Bosch HR 8 MEV

Can I use the NGK's that I have or should I buy either the Motorcraft or Bosch?

03 1.6 auto Replacing spark plugs - jc2
Ford own the Motorcraft brand;Bosch probably give a " sweetener" to Haynes for the recommendation but if the NGK are the correct grade for this engine,use them.
03 1.6 auto Replacing spark plugs - DP
To be perfectly honest, I've tried various makes of plug, and always come back to NGK. They give consistently good performance in various manufacturer's engines. I would second jc2's recommendation.

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03 1.6 auto Replacing spark plugs - bluenun
Thanks for the replies.

In the Haynes manual it says to replace the plugs every 25,000 miles but the original platinum plugs at 35,000 miles.

THe NGK ones I have are the copper type.

The gap should be set at 1.3mm.
I have not set gaps before, how tight should the feeler gauge be when pulled through the gap of the plug?
03 1.6 auto Replacing spark plugs - bathtub tom
A 1.1mm should slip through without any resistance.
A 1.5mm shouldn't be able to.

You'll probably find they're gapped correctly.
03 1.6 auto Replacing spark plugs - jc2
The AYFS 22C are copper not platinum.C is one copper(plated)electrode;CC would be two.P would be one platinum plated electrode;PP would be two.The 1,10,13 etc. appearing after the spec normally gives the plug gap. 1 or 1.0 or 10 would be a 1.0mm gap,a 13 or 1.3 a 1.3mm. gap.

AYFS gives the type of plug,fitting length etc.,22 is the heat range,C is explained above and the original gap is not usually shown on the plug but may appear on the box it came in.

Your TR5-A would appear to be set to a 1.0 mm gap(-10).

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03 1.6 auto Replacing spark plugs - bluenun
Thanks for those very informative replies.

I understand the original plugs are Platinum plated. I was wondering if the Ford recommended Motorcraft plugs were but as you explained they are copper plated so I feel better about using the NGK's I have which are copper plated.

As a matter of interest what are the Bosch ones Haynes recommend, copper or Platinum?

And yes you are right, I needed to enlarge the gap on the NGK plugs.
03 1.6 auto Replacing spark plugs - grahamw
I recently changed the plugs on my Focus and the original & replacements were Ford AYFS22CBs, which also have the Bosch logo and ref. HR8MEV stamped on the metal part. The new ones were gapped at 1.0mm, I've read that this smaller gap helps with uneven idling. My car is a MKII 1.6 100bhp. Does anyone know what the B denotes in the Ford reference?
03 1.6 auto Replacing spark plugs - jc2
At times both Bosch and NGK have been supplied by Ford in Motorcraft boxes.