2002 2.0hdi 90 - Steering Rack leaking - steve is trying
Hi guys,
My brothers car (again) has got a leak on the steering rack where the steering column goes into the rack.
I,ve put some Wynns stop leaks stuff in the resevoiur but to no avail, the fluid still comes out.
Any tips on getting this rack out, and can it be overhauled? Not sure yet if it is a speed sensitive one or not (what ever that is).
(Pug has quoted over £900!!!!. Camberley A. F. £160+ Vat!)

I've just finished doing quite a bit of work on this car, Cam Belt, Water Pp, Aux drive Belt, Front Discs and Pads, Rear Discs and Pads, New indicator (and wiper) Column Switch and replacing the Oil filler Cap as this looks the most likely cause of an unidentifiable Oil leak from the top end. The Pug dealer told me that the cover that goes over the engine often comes loose and slowly destroys the effectiveness of the seal of the filler cap.

Any tips on the racks removal will be really appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation.

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