Chrome cars - Mr X
A chrome car

How do you keep it clean and smear free.
Will it have better fuel economy due to having such a smooth surface ?
Chrome cars - pmh2
Still on german plates - wonder whether it is insured?

Chrome cars - Old Navy
How do you keep it clean and smear free.>>

Not a problem, if I could afford one I would pay someone to do it for me.

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Chrome cars - Old Navy
On second thoughts, if I could afford one I woudnt buy one.
Chrome cars - Mick Snutz
Vile overstated rubbish. Bit like football really.

Can you imagine driving behind it when the sun's shining off a quarter panel. It'll probably blind you!
Chrome cars - ifithelps
...Vile overstated rubbish. Bit like football really...


I like my cars and I like my football, but can't offer you an argument.

Sad, really.
Chrome cars - stunorthants26
Isnt one of the Veyron specials done in chrome? Im sure I saw a chrome one on TG mag when they featured 3 of them over in one of the arab states, cant recall which.
Chrome cars - doctorchris
Well, if it's anything like the Chrome on my old 1960s bicycle, it will look a complete mess in next to no time and more fool the overpaid acrobat who's bought it!
Chrome cars - Pugugly
I've got a year's supply of Solvol.
Chrome cars - Hamsafar
£350,000 for a car to ride a round in when his own community can't afford shoes on their feet and are spitting in their babies mouths because they have no food.
Chrome cars - Mr X
I can't condemn any one who betters themselves. It's as bad as when you have the most expensive car in your street. You become a target of the jealous and the mean minded who automatically feel the right to judge you for it and question your right to spend your income how you please.
Chrome cars - CGNorwich
What exactly do you mean by that Hamsafar? William Gallas is French

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Chrome cars - Altea Ego
What exactly do you mean by that Hamsafar? William Gallas is French

Its well know that the french spit in babies mouths.
Chrome cars - ole cruiser
Truly hideous in every way.
Chrome cars - BazzaBear {P}
I would be willing to bet that the finish is a plastic thing which is starting to take off recently. As I understand it, it's almost like shrink-wrap. So I would imagine it does not mark as badly as you would think - and into the bargain it also protects the true paintwork.
Chrome cars - Pugugly
Shucks - I thought he was a well to do member of the Honourable Artillery Company.
Chrome cars - L'escargot
It looks great. If you've got it, flaunt it.

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Chrome cars - Chris S
Why not make cars out of stainless steel - like airstream caravans?

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Chrome cars - rtj70
Like DeLorean tried.
Chrome cars - Snakey
Wow, now that is tacky! That shows an amazing lack of taste even for a footballer.
Chrome cars - Altea Ego
Wow now that is tacky! That shows an amazing lack of taste, I really really want one its delicious.
Chrome cars - Lud
I really really want one its delicious.

But would you really want your neighbous to see you driving about in it AE? That's the problem with that sort of car even in BL beige...
Chrome cars - Nickdm
Chrome cars look fab! Coincidentally I saw a polished metal-finish Bentley Continental parked outside a Dubai hotel last week and it looked amazing. Shame it was night-time, I'd have loved to see it cruise past on a sunny day. It'd look like a spaceship!