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I've got a problem with my C5. It takes a lot of cranking to get it started. Sometimes it will not start at all, particularly when the engine is warm. I sometimes now have to start it using "easystart" spray.

This problem has been gradually getting worse over the last few months. I initially thought it was faulty glow plugs. I took out the glow plugs and found three were burned out. I put new ones in and still the problem persists. That was not an easy job!!!!

I have taken it to the Citroen Centre in Oxford. He checked all the various pressures and air flows using his lexia computer. All seem to check out okay but he cannot check pressures whilst cranking. He suggested buzzing through the wiring looms. All seemingly okay.

Can anybody give me a steer where I might now look? It appears that it is probably a fuel suply fault whilst the motor is cranking. Once it has started, it runs very nicely indeed.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly welcomed.



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02 2.2 HDi diesel starting problems - wassmename
Hello Mike. This may be of use to you . I owned a Xantia with very much the same problems as you have described. The usual place for not starting would be at the filling station. The car would start fine when cold but very temperamental when hot. After some painstaking research via different garages and all different conclusions it actually turn out to be the battery giving up. Fitted a new one and no problems since. BEWARE though. I had the battery 'tested' and was told that it was fine. It was two weeks later it actually gave up the ghost.
Good luck . Tim.
02 2.2 HDi diesel starting problems - Gastropod
Thanks for this, but I had already replaced the battery.

Now will not start at all when warm but starts after a little cranking when cold.

I have to use 'easystart' to start it when warm and having used it, to start the engine, the car drives very nicely.

I guess that I will have to bite the bullet and go to a diesel specialist.

02 2.2 HDi diesel starting problems - lbautos
i have same problem on my c5
i reckon it is either rail or high pressure pump although not sure how to find out which
02 2.2 HDi diesel starting problems - sunbeamlotus
seen similar problems on mercs. check high pressure side of fuel system for leaks. also remove injectors and have checked, normally free at local specilist, as some can start to allow fuel leaking and not let pressure build up
02 2.2 HDi diesel starting problems - smartalex

Don?t rule out the starter motor. This engine uses a small diameter starter, which is basically a smaller motor and gearbox combination to generate the starting torque. The gearboxes are prone to wear and seizure causing high current drains during cranking, slower cranking and poor starting. A good motor should spin your engine faster than you would expect. If your cranking speed is slightly low, or even just ?normal?, then I would suspect the motor. Also when this happened on my wife?s car it was worse when the motor was hot. When I changed the starter the car went from a habitual poor starter to ?instant starting all year round?.

I would expect a high pressure fuel fault to be detected and reported by the engine management.