1998 2.4d loss of drive - mr_b
i have a vw t4 2.4d ,today i was just driving along changing up to 3rd gear when there was a sudden whirring noise and i lost all drive ,the gears all go in no problem with no crunching but as soon as you release the clutch theres just this terrible whirring noise and no drive ,would you have any ideas ?

1998 2.4d loss of drive - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Broken drive shaft? Hand brake on and chock the wheels. Start engine and put into gear, engage clutch and then look at the driveshafts. If its the outer end of the shaft or CV joint failed the shaft will be gently spinning away to itself. Otherwise it could be the middle has ripped out of the clutch. My money is on a chocolate drive shaft. Exchange units usually in stock at VW commercial.