1997 1.9td knocking coming from under car - swerve1987
i have started to hear a knocking noise coming from the front driverside of my car. it happens when pulling away and accelerating but stops for a second while changing gear. any suggestions as to what this could be? and how much its going to set me back to repair? cheers
1997 1.9td knocking coming from under car - TurboD
I would say that it is a worn cv joint, it would stop when the pressure was taken off. Is it worse on bends?, anyway ,s for cost- is it a DIY or garage?, I only deal with the former and a joint would be around £50 with boot , grease. for cars that I know.
I could be wrong , of course!
1997 1.9td knocking coming from under car - Peter.N.
I also would think that the most likely problem is the CV joint, usually worse when cornering. Could possibly be drop links or various mounting bushes or even loose subframe bolts.
1997 1.9td knocking coming from under car - andrewuwe

Left hand Drive shaft is easy to do yourself.
Get driveshaft, new or second hand.
Loosen wheel nuts and drive shaft nut a little.
Jack car right up high. Really high.
Take wheel off
Disconnect lower arm from wheel hub (Actually really difficult but no special tools)
Remove old driveshaft and slot new one in before oil comes out.

BUT the driver side (right hand) one was impossible for me as the intermediate bearing could not be moved at all.

So it COULD be £20 if you do it or it could be a scrapper.