2001 2.0HDi Coolant loss from header tank - mofo
Hi all, here's hoping some one can help me.

I bought a 2001 2.0HDi with 19k on the clock, really chuffed as it's one of the best I've seen whilst searching, from a husband and wife team who trade from home.

Rang the previous owner when I got home to check up on a few things (timing belt etc) who told me that it had been losing coolant in various amounts since 80k which was why he finally got rid of it when the loss increased to daily (he did do quite a few miles a day!) and he said that it never over heated!

Checked header tank next morning which was full (overfull!!!) and the rim around it was wet, which I dried. 300 miles later coolant has reached max level indicator and rim is again wet.

Over the last 250 miles don't seem to be losing much coolant but header tank is always wet.

Have read many posts and have checked for bubbles in header tank (none), hissing (none), smoke/smell from exhaust (none except on initial running), emulsion in oil (none), engine runs low 70 - 80, although if I squeeze what I think is the (squidgy!)manifold pipe I can hear a hiss from the filler cap even though the coolant seems to coming from the (overflow?) pipe when it does leak.

I want to keep hold of the car (last owner changed oil/filters etc every 10k, and it is in good nick) but if it is the head gasket will prob try and get money back from trader (only had the car a week) and they had been running it before selling so surley must've been aware of coolant loss??

I'm hoping to be able to do further checks this weekend and do a few more miles to see if it does fall any more before making final decision........any ideas or suggestions, surley it can't be that it's been getting overfilled for the past 30k????? previous owner did say that the warning light used to come on so maybe he did overfill it and has every time since, he did seem to have less mechanical knowledge than me (lol)

Thanks all, long post = sorry!
2001 2.0HDi Coolant loss from header tank - Andrew-T
Is the pressure cap sealing properly? If not, as the circuit heats up and pressure rises, coolant will seep past the spring-loaded washer and out of the overflow. If you let things ride for a while, does the low-coolant light come on?

My HDi lost coolant slowly after a cambelt change, which turned out to be a faulty waterpump which was changed at the same time. If that is the case, coolant collects in the sump guard under the engine.

2001 2.0HDi Coolant loss from header tank - mofo
Thanks Andrew,

The old owner said that he had the timing belt replaced at 70k, possible link? haven't noticed any leaks though.

Checked the level again now done 600 miles and is still at the plastic level indicator inside the header tank (and has been for the past 300miles!), also able to take filler cap off after a 35 mile run and no pressure although the level does seem to rise a bit with the cap off.

Will try replacing the cap although it'll mean one less bottle of wine at the weekend!!!

Keep getting conflicting messages about the head gasket being possible but rare. Am I just clutching at straws in the hope it isn't going to be a pricey repair and missing something?

As before, all help appreciated.

2001 2.0HDi Coolant loss from header tank - Simon
Go for the easiest and cheapest option first and replace the header tank cap like you have already said.
2001 2.0HDi Coolant loss from header tank - mofo
Thanks for your replies, won't be able to find out what the problem was, have managed to write the Pug off this morning - gutted!
2001 2.0HDi Coolant loss from header tank - Simon
Well at least you don't have to worry about it anymore.
2001 2.0HDi Coolant loss from header tank - Andrew-T
That's a shame - don't tell us you were not concentrating because of worry about coolant loss? :-(