Windscreen scratches - THe Growler
Is there a way of removing the fine scratches resulting from someone attenpting to remove a stubborn sticker from a windscreen using a Brillo pad?
Windscreen scratches - alan langridge
Hi Growler - can't help with the cure but also a green Scotchbrite pad will cause the same damage!! Not recommended. Will be interested to know about these so called scratch removers - I have an MGB side window that has wind up scratches so will watch your replies.

Windscreen scratches - Cyd
When I took my car to Autoglass asking much the same question I was told "no".
Windscreen scratches - volvoman

Call me a cynic but they might have been more interested in sellng you a new screen than advising on how to repair your
I have a scrath removing solution which estores old, damaged CD's and have used this on varous plastic items such as watch 'glasses' and sunglasses. Don't know if it works on glass but it's worth the £10 cost just to repair one old CD.
Windscreen scratches - Armitage Shanks{P}
In the 'olden days' there was something called jewellers rouge which was a very very fine grinding paste. The military use a nasty smelling fluid to polish the scratches off flying helmet visors. It is sold as a plastic polish and is made by Greygate Chemical Products, Fir Tree Lane, Groby, Leic. No postcode or phone number; and it is only for Perspex and Oroglass (whatever that is) so probably isn't going to help with glass but it could be used with a power tool polisher rather than hand polishing.
Windscreen scratches - Mark (RLBS)
4 Firtree Lane Groby Leicester LE6 0FH

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Windscreen scratches - Armitage Shanks{P}
Thanks for completing the info Mark! I had a bottle of the stuff but the contact info was incomplete and I guess I was too idle to look at Yellow Pages before I 'posted'!
Windscreen scratches - THe Growler
This company stocks jeweller's rouge and related compunds. Also what appears to be an interesting range of automotive polishes for special purposes. I've contacted them to see what they can do.
Windscreen scratches - Mike M
I have tried to remove scratches from glass in the past using Greygate Plastic Polish - and it didn't work! It's brilliant for perspex or CD's though.
Windscreen scratches - Dizzy {P}
In the past I've tried jeweller's rouge, toothpaste, T-cut and other stuff without any success, despite hours of elbow grease. Please let me know if you find something that does the job!
Windscreen scratches - Andrew T
There's a simple reason for the difference - glass is a hell of a lot harder than a plastic. Most of the marks on a well-used glass screen are arcs from gritty wiper blades. Can't get rid of those either!
Windscreen scratches - Nick Moore
Try some Ombrello - I don't see why it shouldn't work on the inside as well as the outside.
Windscreen scratches - svpworld
Rather than spend about 50 quid on products to remove the scratches, it might be simpler to get the windscreen replaced.. though my hands are tied on how you go about doing this!


SVPworld (incorporating PSRworld)
Windscreen scratches - blank
A cautionary note, and one that has been mentioned on this forum before.

Having the windscreen replaced may seem an attractive option, but there is a real possibility of the replacement screen not sealing properly so leaking, also the chance of damage to the surrounding paintwork during the removbal and installation.

I would opt for repair rather than a new screen if I had the choice.

Windscreen scratches - Steve S
Used to use Brasso to get scratches out of watch glass - did need a lot of patience & elbow grease though.

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