01 1.8 ECU warning light - john123

Vauxhall 2001
Vectra B 1.8 Z18XE
engine management: Simtec 71 ???
Engine Electronics warning light shows after several minutes driving
I read the fault code as 1555 (by depressing the brake & accelerator pedals & ignition)
Does anyone know what this code means & how to fix it.


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01 1.8 ECU warning light - Dynamic Dave
The code P1555 means "Throttle Position sensor/Mass Air Flow sensor - Implausible Signal"

Found via a quick google. The following may also help:-


That aside, I wasn't aware the "brake, accelerator pedals" trick worked on this era of Vectra. I thought it only worked on the Mk5 Astra.
01 1.8 ECU warning light - topbloke
P1555 tps signal not plausible with engine load, i have seen quiet alot of this code recently but what it usually boils down to is the ecu, obviosly it needs checking out thoroughtly first,Regards TB