04 1.9 diesel poor running - wrigley
I posted a previous question about non starting and had to resort to getting an auto electrician firm out to fix the problem after spending 2 hours outside my house on tuesday in the rain they decided to tow it to there garage where they claimed to have worked on it all day wednesday cutting some security device off the back of the diesel pump telling me on Wednesday eve that it also needed new glow plugs so it would run just right.Got it back today with £350.00 bill but it now has a different problem than before,it starts ok now so that problem seems to be fixed but it flattens out like you have run out of fuel at between 20/30 it is as if it is being starved of fuel temporarily then as you drive through it it springs back to life. I have spoken to the garage who carried out the first repair who says it might be air? and should right its self but the van did not do this before the electrics were tampered with, could something (a fault have been introduced whilst dealing with the initial non starting problrem ) i will probably have to return the van but would like to know if there is any thing I can check first as it is incredibly inconvienient to have it off the road again I am self employed and have lost a lot of money having off the road to fix the first problem any advice would be great

thank you

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04 1.9 diesel poor running - piston power
Don't mess with it take it back you have spent plenty they may have had to remove pipe work etc, let them try to sort it.