98 1.6 hole in exhaust & now losing power. - rachel!!!
I've got a 98 Citroen saxo vtr. It's had a hole in the exhaust for about 6 weeks now (not had the money to get it fixed) the hole is in the pipe that comes from the centre box towards the back box. The hole is quite big and believe it or not after having it up on ramps last weekend to see how bad it was i was planning to get it fixed this weekend. Today i started the car up and it got to second gear then just had no more power, I stopped and it stalled a few times when trying to move off again. The exhaust now sounds very rough (alot worse than before). I left the car and started it again tonight and drove it just a short way to see if it stalled again but it didn't this time but it didn't have the power there that it should have and is still sounding terrible. Could this just be because of the hole in the exhaust or has something else gone wrong now?

If anyone could make any suggestions or help in any way i would really appreciate it

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1998 1.6 Hole in Exhaust & now losing power??? - mjm
The exhaust system is part of the engine's tuning. Upsetting it with a holed exhaust will cause loss of power. There is also a chance that the sound deadening stuffing is blocking the pipe.

The damaged bit has to be replaced anyway, I would just do that for a start.
1998 1.6 Hole in Exhaust & now losing power??? - rachel!!!
Thats what i was planning to do, but the car isn't worth that much and i was planning to get rid of it soon so don't really want to spend too much on it. Someone told me it could be something to do with the cat? and i don't wana get the middle exhaust bit put on then it needs soemthing else. Is it really likely that it will be ok when i get the new pipe put on?
1998 1.6 Hole in Exhaust & now losing power??? - piston power
We don't have a crystal ball.

It's shot it needs replacing take it from there, i suspect has said above once replaced it will drive faster than it has in the last six weeks.!