Wrong priorities ? - 1400ted
There is a road in South Manchester which I use to get to the main Hospital. My Paramedic daughter also uses it daily as it is the main way to get to the A&E dept in a hurry. Anyone local will know Southmoor Road. Anyone who uses it regularly will have complained to someone about the potholes and rutted surfaces which give such an uncomfortable trip to sick and injured people.
I went down it today to visit MIL and was in some joy to see parts of it coned off and orange beacons in the distance.........joy considerably diminished...they were re-painting white lines and hatchings which were perfectly visible before. As you drove past the new paint to the old paint, there was very little difference. Mad !
Wrong priorities ? - DP
Lots of this sort of thing goes on in March. It's approaching the end of fiscal year and there are budgets to use up.

Wrong priorities ? - Rattle
I know of the road but I have never driven down it and it has been a few years since I last went down there.

Most the roads in South Manchester are a disgrace, if car manufacturers want to test their ride comfort all they need to do is come here.

There also so much useless road furniture here, we need more road repairs and less pointless crayon posts.