05 1.9TDI What are Console Bushes - Zippy123
Swmbo's Touran has just had its MOT and service at the local VAG dealership.

They advised her that the console bushes were worn / cracked and needed replacing at a cost of £220.

The car has only done 16k miles, mainly around town.

What are console Bushes please and how do they impact safety and do they cost £220 to replace?


05 1.9TDI What are Console Bushes - Altea Ego
A consol bush is front suspension arm rubber bush probably. Did it fail or was it a warning? If its a warning then there was not excessive movement but it probably wont pass the next MOT

£220 at a VW garage is about right.

16k miles around town? its those speed bumps thats done it.