03 1.6 Slow moving temperature gauge - smacfocus
Any idea on the following problem? Temperature gauge on my Focus 1.6 Ghia 03 plate after start up very very slow to reach mid way. Stops there doesn?t go past mid point and occasionally dips back to cool. Coolant level ok, no mayonnaise in the oil filler cap, no blown fuses. Any ideas?

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03 1.6 Slow moving temperature gauge - Dynamic Dave
I'd guess the thermostat is stuck in the open position.
03 1.6 Slow moving temperature gauge - mfarrow
It's not a diesel is it?
03 1.6 Slow moving temperature gauge - Lud
If it is a petrol 1.6, it probably is a faulty thermostat although the electronic temperature sensor can also fail. I have just had both replaced on my 1994 Escort 1.6, with great benefit to its running and also its fuel consumption. I have a very good indy mechanic who changed the coolant completely and charged just over 80 quid including parts to do it. In fact even before the old thermostat stuck open, the temperature reading in normal running varied more than it does now.

Interestingly, even when the car was running too cool for its own good, the interior heater behaved more or less normally. Of course the cooling system is set up to give heat to the heater as soon as possible after starting.