2001 1.6 6000 Radio / CD stopped working. - bsm
Started car, radio on. Drove for 2 minutes, radio switched itself off / on, then ejected CD. Reloaded CD and selected a different preset station, found not to stored. Stopped car 10 minutes later fiddled with controls, again ejected CD by itself. Now it won't switch on at all. I've checked 12V supplies at input connectors OK, earth is OK. Could it be the removable security panel is faulty? are they repairable / a replaceable unit? Thanks in anticipation for any advice.

Regards, Mo
2001 1.6 6000 Radio / CD stopped working. - MikeTorque
Check that the removable front panel is pushed right in. A car radio specialist or Ford dealer should be able to determine the cause and advise accordingly.