Whiplash injuries maybe ? - Pugugly
Whiplash injuries maybe ? - tawse
I thought it was going to about you and your new CRV!

Joking aside, I would not wish you any harm... aslong as you tell me where you got your deal! :-)
Whiplash injuries maybe ? - Nsar
I was just about to post that "Miss Whiplash in river car ordeal" is not the sort of headline that you can pass-by too easily.

That said it sounds like an agonising ordeal and not one you'd wish on your enemy. Hopefully she pulls through.
Whiplash injuries maybe ? - Fullchat
Likewise would not wish anyone to have gone through that ordeal.

But - "Witnesses have been urged to contact West Mercia Police."

They are a being bit optimistic ;-))

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Whiplash injuries maybe ? - Robin Reliant
"She moved to Hertfordshire where she is running a duck farm".

Unusual of the BBC to make a spelling mistake.
Whiplash injuries maybe ? - ifithelps
It's been corrected now.