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We've all seen some TV series or other where our erstwhile detective hero jumps into the passenger seat of some third party and demands 'follow that car', but is there any legal authority for a policeman to commandeer a car ?

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I have no answer but can you imagine the implications for a member of the public getting involved in 'police business'. What if the car crashed? Would the persons insurance cover it being used on 'police business'?

What if the policeman were injured. Who could he sue?
Follow that car - Mick Snutz
and would they pay for the petrol?
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yes is the short answer

they dont do it much these days

i remember a few years ago they comandeered a member of publics car to make an ad hoc road block and the criminals they were trying to stop crashed into the member of the publics car, i seem to remember the police bought the member of the public a new car in replacement

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Did someone mention "police" - Where's Mr X?
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surely police these days would just radio an incident in and call India99 to deal with following a criminal.

Not wishing to sound like Mr X but the chances of actually seeing a policeman and then being asked for assistance is fairly remote. I can't think of the last time I saw a bobby on the beat.
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We have police foot patrols in our (small) city centre shopping area, and also around the football stadium on match days. Both an easy walk from the police station. Usually a few mobile police around as well so not much chance of being hijacked for a car chase. If you were, would any speed camera penalties be withdrawn? I would not count on it!

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