2002 2.0 petrol cabriolet engine overheating - Breda
In Sep 2008 my engine temp went to 100 degrees when idling. Had the radiator flushed, new thermostat fitted, and water pump replaced. The temp. was fine for 8,000 km and then started playing up again. I had the thermo fan switch replaced and temp was still going up to 100. Last week had a diagnostics guy look at it and the little computer that runs the cooling system (sorry, can't remember what it's called)was replaced. Now the temp goes up to 105. Head gasket and spark plugs have been checked and are fine. At the same time the outside temp. display has gone haywire, the aerial has worked twice in 2 months, sometimes the roof won't work, and once I couldn't eject a CD for 3 days. Any suggestions (other than torching the car!) would be greatly appreciated.

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2002 2.0 petrol cabriolet engine overheating - jayeastanglia
Is the car using water?if so get a sniff test on the water system this will tell for defo if the head gasket or liner seals have gone......does the temp only go up when at idle if so check to make sure the rad fan is working.
2002 2.0 petrol cabriolet engine overheating - Woodspeed
Is the fan cutting in and if it is does the temp still rise? Temp gauge in car is not linear so how do you judge the actual temp of 100?