No 2.0 diesel option - The Melting Snowman
We've been casually looking at the Megane 3 as a new car for the missus in a few months' time. She likes diesel (I don't) but it's hers so I'm keeping quiet. I was surprised that there's only the 1.5 and 1.9 diesel available. We had the former in a Megane 2 and didn't rate the engine very highly and the 1.9 F9Q is getting a bit long in the tooth now. What we really want is the super new Nissan/Renault designed 2.0 engine but it's not available yet it was in the old Megane.

Otherwise we were quite impressed, it's much better assembled then the Megane 2 although they haven't bothered to move the START button over for RHD. Also the boot seemed a bit small but this isn't a problem as my missus hates shopping.

I was surprised how nicely it all felt assembly-wise. I just hope the reliability is better.
No 2.0 diesel option - barneybear
I have Mk2 Megan Tourer 1.9cDi, 130bhp and its great. Its a 57 plate, done 36,000 in 18months. Well put together, good level of kit (Dynamique) so steering wheel controls, air con, cruise control/speed limiter, window blinds etc. I work away from home, so easily knock up 600miles each week averaging 55+mpg. Handles well around town and excellent M-way abilities. Load space is huge (actually bigger than old Laguna). I really can't see advantage in the 2.0l unit over mine.
No 2.0 diesel option - DP
We've got an old (120 bhp Euro III) version of the F9Q in the Scenic, and I still think it beats many more modern four pot diesels for refinement, response and NVH, including BMWs latest 2.0d unit, and the PSA/Ford 2.0 unit. All you seem to gain with newer units is power, not to be underestimated of course if that's your thing.

The advantage of an engine so far along its development cycle is that it is proven, well understood, and therefore likely to be reliable. The people in the trade who I know tell me that after its disastrous start with EGR/turbo problems, the F9Q developed into a very reliable engine. Our current fleet of Lagunas at work seem to be knocking up 100k+ with routine servicing only, and the Scenic's engine is still gutsy, smooth and barely uses a drop of oil at 62k

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No 2.0 diesel option - Altea Ego
I am a huge fan of the 1.9 dci in 120 or 130 guise. Its torque, power, refinement and fuel economy is well up to par with other more modern units.
No 2.0 diesel option - David-RenaultUK
We plan to launch a 2.0 dCi 160 with a six speed manual box and a 2.0 dCi 150 with a 6-speed auto box in the Summer.

No 2.0 diesel option - The Melting Snowman
The model she likes is the 1.9dCi 130 Privilege with leather trim and metallic paint. This will cost £18766 list but that's before I put my negotiating head on. Seems rather a lot when a Golf 2.0 GT TDI is 'only' £19236.

Oh well we shall see. I would rather wait for the 2.0dCi.
No 2.0 diesel option - barneybear
I know its not the same spec as you you want, but my Dynamique Tourer will be replaced anytime soon - almost half the price for new? Interested?
No 2.0 diesel option - barneybear
I know its not the right model, but my Dynamique will be being replaced later in 2009. Interested?
No 2.0 diesel option - The Melting Snowman
Thanks but no. We've already had a Megane 2. We want the New Megane 3.