06 1.0 - Water ingress problem - Aygo74
Has anyone had the following problem and how have they resolved it. I have started to notice water ingressing into rear boot area of my Aygo. There is water staining to the rear seat too on rear seats behind drivers seat as a result too. I am unsure where the water is coming from, possibly rear lights or boot area. Any ideas? Thanks.

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06 1.0 - Water ingress problem - daveyjp
Not unheard of, but not that common. Probably a leaking seal around the rear light cluster.

Google Toyota Owners club and visit the Aygo forum for more info.
06 1.0 - Water ingress problem - Aygo74
Thanks for the suggestion. Update is that after taking my Aygo back to my Toyota dealer in total on four seperate occassions, they finally agreed to keep the car for 3 days and fitted a new boot seal, checked the light clusters and also added seals to both nearside and offside areas of vehicle from front to back of vehicle. It may have now fixed the problem. Time will tell! This was all just after the car had gone out of warranty so well done Toyota. That was why I went with the Aygo rather than the Citroen or Peugeot due to Toyota's customer service!

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