03 2.0 HDI Will not start - lashball
Looking for some help here guys , have got a 2003 307sw 2.0 hdi (90). For the past few months it has been a pig to start , thought it was the battery , tested it it was only giving out below 12v. so grand went a changed it and it barely started with the new battery , again thought it probably just needs a spin to get the battery up to optimum charge. Turned it off and this time it refused to start. It turns over , not very fast but enough to start most diesels I would have thought. Anyway a mechanic told me it was either the starter motor or glow plugs , as it was turning over I thought the glow plugs were the answer. Wrong , just changed them and nothing again , it turns over but no ignition. Any suggestions lads? cheers in advance
03 2.0 HDI Will not start - coylester
Strangely enough at the time you were posting this I was replacing the battery as have exactly the same problem with the same make, model and year of 307!! Replaced battery and inginition misfired serveral times, like its being doing for months, but engine came on eventually althoughly barely. Tried it again this morning and nothing. Was about to try replacing the glow plugs myself...but might wait now and go straight to starter motor. Anyone out there got an idea? Will let you know how I get on. Cheers
03 2.0 HDI Will not start - glowplug
You could try getting any codes read. Alternatively try a Bosch specialist. It may be that the injection pump is on the way out and not generating enough pressure to fire the injectors. Are there metal particles in the fuel filter?

03 2.0 HDI Will not start - Armitage Shanks {p}
Have either of you unforunate people ever misfuelled your cars? Hence the metal in the fuel filter question.
03 2.0 HDI Will not start - emoeste
Hi guys!!

Have any of you resolved the problem with starting? Give us some infomations please... there is more unlucky Peugeot owners, who have similar problems... Let us know how did you resolve it...
03 2.0 HDI Will not start - HyundaiOwnersClubAdmin
Replace your diesel filter first
03 2.0 HDI Will not start - vab
Hi, can you please confirm this is not the particle emission filter you are referring to is it. I take it there is another diesel (fuel) filter?

You will see all my threads since Dec 09 on this same problem and not only perplexed but so frustrated as I need my car for work.



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