Alfa dealers -choice of 2 ? - doctork
I am looking to test driving a Mito soon and it seems that in the North West I have a couple of options of dealer to buy from (if it comes to that) -one is in Knutsford and the other in Brighouse. Any views on which one to plump for?
Alfa dealers -choice of 2 ? - Collos25
The one in Brighouse is still I believe an independant I have used them on a couple of occassions with a Vauxhall and they were quite good,when I needed a new key for my Signum they sourced one from opel europe because it was cheaper than the official vauxhall part.
Alfa dealers -choice of 2 ? - BazzaBear {P}
There's also one in Stoke, and a new one just set up in the centre of Manchester which looks like an interesting place (independent I think - sells them alongside Abarth, and some real exotica).

Mangos are pretty well thought of, longest running Alfa dealer in Britain and all that. I bought a GTA from them second hand, and was reasonably happy with the transaction.
Alfa dealers -choice of 2 ? - Lud
I don't know them. But the dealer is probably important where Alfas are concerned, even if they are Puntoesque under the skin.

Note how you are treated by reception and sales staff. Try to get a glance into the service area. Research the firms' histories for long association with Alfa. And ask around when you meet Alfa owners or just see them in car parks.

Off the top of my head I would say small, long established and family firm are all good; big chain, recent and coldly corporate are bad. It is possible to be misled but a good, well-meaning vibe should be apparent (or not) if you quietly take in the atmosphere.
Alfa dealers -choice of 2 ? - rtj70
I assume the one near Knutsford is Mangoletsi which is quite well known. Cannot comment on how good they are these days.