06 1.4 TSB March 2007 - possumpants
Hi there,

I have a 1.4 SX Chevrolet Kalos. I have noticed on a few occassions that it takes a few turns of the key to start and the performance has slowly dropped off.

On the review on this site I noticed that it states

"TSB 12th March 2007. If customers complain of poor running due to carbon build up on the valves, replace the valves with a modified scraper type which will eliminate carbon built up and running faults."

Does anyone have any further detail on this? From past experience with the dealers round here I will immediately get fobbed off and my warranty expires in about 6 months so if needed I would liked this done soon before I'll have to pay for it myself a year down the line when the problem is worse.

Any comments would be appreciated.