Replace or keep - rouxbarb
I have a R reg/1997 Laguna 1.9 turbo diesel.It has done nearly 130000 miles so the cambelt will need replacing soon for the second time.It still is a nice car to drive,very economical and,touch wood hasn't cost us a lot in repairs.Do I have the cambelt done and keep it or not have it done and just drive it till it goes or replace the car while it is still running well?
Replace or keep - Lud
How much to replace the cambelt? Is there anything else wrong with the car?

Why would anyone consider chucking away, or killing by knackered cambelt, a perfectly good car that they liked?

Replace or keep - barneybear
If it still does what you need it to I'd keep it. You could even risk not doing the belt at all and chucking it away should it fail. Just keep some money under the matress (I nearly said bank, but you need it safe lol) so you can grab a replacement if you need to.
I have Megan Estate ('cos I hated the "bum" on the standard version), and have clocked 36,000 in 18 months. Would have another too.