02 1.9 Dashboard door warning icon - peter1177
Recently having had my car returned from a vehicle repairers(wife backed into a parked vehicle) the rear plastic bumper was repaired..... Since its return I have encountered periodic message icons telling me the luggage compartment is open when infact it is not... This cannot be rectified when opening and closing the tailgate.... The next day all will be well. then it comes on again later. I have had a look and during the very poor weather we have been dished out with lately I noticed a volume of water around the inside of the tailgate inner panneling... Water was also present around the contact latch mechinism.... The seal looks in good condition, but it may have been removed to conduct the repair?.... The central locking is working............ Any ideas

02 1.9 Dashboard door warning icon - ajsdoc
Yes. Very common Mk IV fault and probably nothing to do with the repair. The washer jet tube that feeds the rear tailgate squirter pops off (partic in cold icy weather), water leaks on the switch causing the "luggage compartmet open" message.

To fix - there are a couple of screws in the tailgate trim handles (the ones you use to close boot). Then plastic trim pops off, likely you will find the tube detached. You can just push it back on, but may come off again. I cut the connector off and spliced in a new bit of washer tube with cable ties to strengthen join. This was 2 years ago and all well. Many, many people seem to have same problem.
02 1.9 Dashboard door warning icon - peter1177

Well blow me down. That is great news and a realistic diognosis,,,, First time on this site. well pleased............ Will let you know the outcome