96 2.8 vr6 - Hard to get into 1st gear - stu76
hi all.

i have a golf vr6 which i am finding it hard to get or find 1st gear. i have to like try and put it in reverse push down on gearstick then as if going into reverse to get into 1st gear, drives fine but not good if goes into reverse by mistake?

i drove the car and all seemed well, not sure if its a simple gearstick linkage problem or something else as the gearstick suddenly feels slack and you can move it around a bit ,drives fine in gear but 1st is a apain.

can anyone please advise if its a simple adjustment or something.

thankyou all.


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96 2.8 vr6 - Hard to get into 1st gear - Woodspeed
Mk3 Golf has a wear problem after 80k (made worse by earlier owners with no mechanical symathy) and once it starts get worse very quickly. GSF and ECP sell a parts kit for about £20 and about an hour to fit. The gearbox is also tight in cold weather and the car must be totally stopped before 1st gear can be selected. I put Castrol Syntrax 75/90 semi synth gear oil into mine which helped gear selection in colder weather. Stiffer gear selection though increases wear in selector mechanism. The gearboxes are normally bomb proof.
96 2.8 vr6 - Hard to get into 1st gear - quizman
I think you need a full synthetic oil in the gearbox of a VW. I don't think Syntrans is good enough, I think you need Castrol TAF-X.
I have recently changed the gear oil in my Passat, after finding the gears a little bit stiffer. I was going to use Redline MT90, which is a synthetic 75-90 GL4 oil. But I was told by Screwloose to use the proper VW oil, which is also synthetic. I bought 3 litres of G052911 gear oil from my local VW dealer and was charged £8.50 per litre, which was less than the other oils I had looked at.

Now the gearbox is much better, so my advice is to get the correct oil from your local VW dealer and pop it in.
PS It needed a special socket to undo the drain plug, the level/filling plug was a 17mm allen key.