SORN and how quickly can I tax - Douglas13
Evening all,

I'm looking at putting my Micra back on the road. It's been SORN for 18 months or so. How do I go about taxing it? Obviously I don't have a tax reminder and I'm not sure if there is anything on the SORN itself. Sorry I can't check, but it's in Scotland and I'm in Cambridgeshire.

The car has did about 100 miles after it's last MOT before it got taken off the road, so I'm not anticipating a lot needing done. However I'm got a bit of a tight wondow, I was hoping to MOT it on a Monday, and then hopefully tax it straight away that day. Does anyone know hoe long it takes for the MOT to appear on the DVLA's systems? I suppose I can always tax it the old fashioned way at the Post office


SORN and how quickly can I tax - 1400ted
Douglas, Hi. As soon as your MOT is done it will be on the database as the MOT inspector uses the DVLA system. However, Just take your new MOT, Insurance, V62C and V10 licence application to the Post Office and that's it, sorted. If you do it on line or by post, you'll have to wait for your disc.