2002 Diesel problem - glowplug light flashes - doodles
I am at my witts end, I have a ford focus 2002 diesal, I love my car, Its been very reliable, however about a month ago I was driving up the lane and it cut out!! Just like that, It wouldnt start again for love or money. I had it towed home, changed the fuel filter and tryed again.
I turn on the engine and the glow light flashes and it will turn over just and then dies immediatly. My friend then juggled the wires coming out of the box above the accelerator pedal(after seeing somthing on a forum) and it worked again. It has taken us miles over the last month since ,until this week when it did it again twice. Moving wires has not helped so car taken to garage!!! Where it started again and they cannot find a problem!!! they have wired it up to the machine which said fuel pump has problem, However they say that at 33.000 miles it should not be that, and that the wires above the pedal would not make a difference to that. Can anyone help. I havent got £1000 to change a fuel pump at present..

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