2006 1.8 Battery Location - Renfinmeg
I know that is a stupid question but where is the battery located, reason I have a flat bettery and need to charge it but nothing in owners manual about location. and when you lisfty the bonnet everything has a cover on it and do not want to remove wrong cover.

2006 1.8 Battery Location - elekie&a/c doctor
Open the bonnet and look the right of the engine bay (passenger side) you will see a rectangular plastic cover.Unclip and lift to reveal battery.hth
2006 1.8 Battery Location - Dynamic Dave
but nothing in owners manual about location.

Must be mentioned somewhere as it's on Page 250 in my Feb 2007 handbook, and page 200 in my Aug 2003 handbook.

But it's where elekie&a/c doctor says.

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