05 1.9 TDI Starting Problem ??? - Vince_0811
Hello,First time on here,i'm looking for some help

I have a 2005 model Passat Estate 1.9TDI(130).The problem i have is the car wont start,it seems to be turning over fine but it wont fire up ??? When i got in the car today i noticed the clock was wrong and the trip comp was at zero ??? When trying to start it i got a warning on the dash :STOP Oil Pressure low or something along those lines,Anyone have any ideas ??? At first i thought it was possibly the battery but now i'm not to sure,thanks in advance

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05 1.9 2005 Passat1.97TDI StartinG Problem ??? - dieselnut
As you say, when the clock/trip reset after trying to start it usually means that the battery is on its last legs.
Perhaps try charging it for a few hours & try again.
Also check the battery conexions are tight & free from any corosion.
05 1.9 2005 Passat1.97TDI StartinG Problem ??? - Vince_0811
Hi,thanks for the quick reply.Yeah the battery was my first thought but when the STOP Warning came up it concerned me a little ???.The battery is currently on charge,i,ve tried it a couple of times and it turns over fine but its just not firing

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