1996 1.8 Removing the headlight lens for change - 7209vk
I have been informed by ford that there are removeable lens in the headlights.
Available from ford for £70 a pair. These filters are discoloured and are yellow, this caused an advisory on last MOT.

With this in mind I have tried to remove them to exchange for the new parts, however I am unable to get the headlight its self removed.

Do I need to remove whole headlight?
Is it possible to remove the front glass to access the lens?

Either or would anybody have any suggestion to assist me.

1996 1.8 Removing the headlight lens for change - topbloke
1996 1.8 Removing the headlight lens for change - Dave_TD
I had a 1995M MkI Mondeo TD fail its (taxi plate) MoT in 2001 on that, my local garage supplied and fitted two new headlights for about £100 IIRC. Not sure if pattern or original parts are still available.

At the time I removed one headlight and found the glass is held on by several metal clips and a bead of sealant to boot, I felt the risk of cracking the headlight glass was too great so I put it all back together.

Sold the car shortly afterwards to make way for an Octavia, apparently two weeks later the turbo blew...

Dave TD.
1996 1.8 Removing the headlight lens for change - sef75
Hi there,

Thought I?d register and post a reply having just done this today in fact and after having also gained an MOT advisory on my Mk1 93L 65,000 mile Mondeo. I replaced just the discoloured plastic reflectors.

I had found help on a forum elsewhere (Ford Mondeo Group or something) that advised it was possible to replace in situ and pleased to say whilst a bit of a fiddle, yes it is possible. So I thought it fair to try and help others. :-)

The bumper does not have to be removed if you are careful and the headlamp glass is partly removable (see later). You do need a bit of care and strong fingers ? an assistant who is patient is useful too!

There are spring clips that are covered by the bumper ? why some say it must be removed, but if you are careful you don?t have to disturb them and they can stay clipped in place provided you don?t move the headlamp glass too much.

There is a real risk of breaking the headlamp glass so be very careful and patient ? of course you try this at your OWN RISK but I managed it OK.

So here?s what I did which follows what someone else also posted elsewhere in the main. Read fully and ensure you think you can do this as of course any problems will leave you potentially without fully compliant headlamps.

1) From the front of the open bonnet edge, remove the two Torx screws that hold the centre grille and badge assembly to the car and lift/tilt forward to remove. The bottom has two clips that hold it in.

2) Working on one side, slacken but (no need to remove) the Torx screw that holds the indicator in place. The screw is beneath a hole in the slam panel and also can be done with a wide flat bladed screwdriver.

3) Unclip the spring clips very carefully with a flat screwdriver or similar as they press on to the glass and can also ping away once fully released. There are 3 on the top edge of the headlight and one vertically at the narrowest part of the lamp by where it meets the now removed grille.

4) The headlamp glass will probably feel completely solid against the rest of the housing having been on the car so long and in the sun. This is where you really need to be careful and patient.

5) Carefully manipulate and push what can be seen of the seal between the glass and the housing ? the seal is like a compressible foam rubber type and not like a setting glue. This will break the seal and stiction to the glass. Try and keep the seal stuck to the headlamp body and free it from the glass. A small non-metallic flat object is best or your finger nails ? remember I said strong fingers help!

6) Once the seal is parted from the glass around the 3 visible edges of the headlamp, you should be able to feel it loosen at the top edge especially. This again needs care ? try to pull the glass away from the headlamp body ? the raised edges of the glass at the top edge can help. You are trying to open and tilt the glass away from the top edge a SMALL AMOUNT that will allow you just enough to access the reflector within. Do not pull too far or move it sideways or the 3 spring clips at the bottom of the glass that are hidden by the fitted bumper may come off. This is why people say the bumper needs to be removed to take these off / refit them. Provided you are careful and do not pull the glass too far forward, they should stay in place.

7) Once the glass begins to tip forward have the assistant if available help hold the glass open just enough to allow you access the reflector. Remember the main aim is for them to stop the glass moving away too much and disengaging the bottom hidden spring clips. Wedges of cardboard etc may help on either side of the glass if necessary to keep it from closing back up against the lamp body.

8) You can now reach into the headlamp and press against the two top mounted tabs on either side of the yellowed reflector and push it forward away from the silver backing of the lamp. Be careful not to get finger marks on the reflective surface.

9) The reflector will pivot forward at the top as it has two small lugs that engage at the bottom. Once far enough tilted, lift out from the lamp. Narrow long nosed pliers may also help.

10) The new non-yellow(!) reflector can now be carefully lowered in and the two bottom tabs (careful as small and delicate) inserted to the silver backing. Tilt back at the top and engage the two tabs into the silver backing to lock the reflector into place. Be careful to handle everything as little as possible to avoid finger marks.

11) Return the glass into place and press the 4 spring clips back into place. Replace the indicator and tighten the screw.

12) Repeat on the other side as necessary and then refit the grille and screws.

It?s a good idea to also have the headlamp alignment checked as although probably hasn?t altered, there may be manufacturing tolerance in the reflector and the headlamp position might have been disturbed depending how rough you have been!

One other point ? I did find on the N/S headlamp that the glass when tipped forward fouled with the edge of the wing by just a few mm. I was able to gain just enough movement by slackening the 2 Torx mountings for the headlamp (1 behind the indicator and one at the inner most edge of the headlight attached by a small bracket) and also applying side pressure to the glass to just about get it past the tip of the wing. Again this was to avoid removing the bumper and certainly requires care, gentle pressure and a bit of good fortune!

Overall it probably took 30mins ? 45mins or so allowing for the additional fiddling because of the foul with the wing.

Good Luck!!

p.s. One final tip ? I have seen reflectors available on ebay for around 30 pounds a pair. You might even find that whole spare headlamps aren?t that much more and you can take the reflectors from them and practice off car, as well as having a spare glass lens etc!
1996 1.8 Removing the headlight lens for change - Dave_TD
my local garage supplied and fitted two new headlights for about £100 IIRC

I replaced just the discoloured plastic reflectors
Overall it probably took 30mins ? 45mins or so

Ouch. You live and learn ;-)