Speed Limits - BorisTheSpider
Several villages in the area have recently installed new entrance signs stating the village name and the 30 mph limit encircled in black, these also have speed limits painted on the ground in white. Are these enforceable? I haven't actually been caught or anything just curiosity.
What about temporary speed limits on motorways which don't have circles just a number?

Speed Limits - Bromptonaut
Except for the variable speed limit sections of the M25 & M42 the limits shown on matrices/gantries are advisory. However innoring them can be evidence of driving dangerously in event of an accident.
Speed Limits - borasport20
What is the speed limit on the road outside the village ?
Speed Limits - Sofa Spud
If the sign is encircled in red it's enforcable. Round our way there are some villages where there is a warning 'prepeater' sign with a black circle a short distance before the real one with the red circle.

But the advice would be to obey the limit as it's a built up area and if it has streetlights the limit is 30 anyway unless otherwise marked.

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Speed Limits - CGNorwich
as it's a built up area and if it has streetlights the limit is 30 anyway

Really has nothing to do with being a built up area. Any road with streetlights is 30mph unless signed to the contrary. Any road without streetlights is 60mph (70 for DC and MWay)
unless signed to the contrary.
Speed Limits - L'escargot
I haven't seen this type of sign, but I guess they're additional to formal signs which are probably sited just before or just after you get to these additional informal ones.