A38 impassable - stay clear - David Horn
Just head there's a lot of cars stranded on the A38 in Devon at Halden hill. It's extremely steep and you will not get up it in this weather. Three inches so far this evening and getting deeper.

I nipped out this evening with no snow and only just made it back 30 minutes later. Without traction control I wouldn't have got back and I could feel the ESP helping on corners. Should be mandatory on all new cars. Nothing beats pointing the car up a hill and flooring it in 2nd with the computer doing the hard work.
A38 impassable - stay clear - Woodspeed
No No No. 1986 early morning, snow coming down thick and fast. Police warned me to not attempt Halden Hill. Did it in reverse in Mother's Austin Allegro on 145 tyres. Easy breeze into Plymouth after that.
A38 impassable - stay clear - Lygonos
Rescuers were called to the A38 at Haldon Hill, near Exeter, at about 2100 GMT on Thursday after weather deteriorated suddenly.

Many drivers spent the night in emergency centres <<