96 1.0 1tr clutch replace advice - sillymanc
hello and i hope you can help

I am planning fitting a new clutch kit however this would be my first clutch. i have read the workshop manual and understand that the gearbox needs to be removed which is fine....but does anyone know if there is a easyer way eg droping the gearbox without removing the drive shafts? if so this would reduce the striping and maybe time doing the job. ne other tips would be most helpful cheers

96 1.0 1tr clutch replace advice - RichardW
Shortcuts make for long delays.....(and probably also bent drive shafts and broken gearbox casings in this instance).

It will be much easier to drop the box right out, as per the instructions. You need a fairly good selection of tools to change a clutch (hub nut sockets, big breaker bar, centreing tool, ball joint splitter to name a few) - are you prepared?
96 1.0 1tr clutch replace advice - sillymanc
ok thanks gearbox needs to be removed for a proper job, mmmm its not so much the tools its all about time experence and having somewhere better than a cold street to complete the job

is anyone aware of a fair time for a pro to do this and also roughly how much this could cost, i think ill leave this one for someone who can do it properly im always happy to pay a mecanic if the price and quality is right
96 1.0 1tr clutch replace advice - ChicksFan
It's not a job I'd relish with the car parked on the street, especially at this time of year. Why not ring your local Mr. Clutch or similar. They'll give you a quote and get the job done in a morning or afternoon.