96 1.0 Rear seat belts locking - bathtub tom
The rear seat belts in my daughter's Micra lock up when passengers use them. They pull out OK, but once the car's in motion they'll lock. As the car goes over bumps and round corners, each movement of the passenger that allows the belt to tighten locks the belt in that position, with the belt gradually locking tighter and tighter. With the car then stationary, no amount of careful movement allows the belt to be pulled out any more. The only way to get any slack, is to release the buckle, allow the belt to fully retract and then pull it out again.
It's not a dangerous fault, in fact I suppose it makes it makes it safer as the belt is very tight, just damn uncomfortable. It's not been noticed before, but suddenly seems to have affected both rear inertia belts simultaneously. There's no obvious reason, obstructions etc. that I can see.

Has anyone come across this type of problem before, or know it's cure?
96 1.0 Rear seat belts locking - pinkhubz81
my micra has the same problem, iv sprayed mine using the straw with wd40 & they are a lot better, you can take the mechanism off & spray into the little holes. you may get a little on the seatbelt but its better than being strangled! hope this helps!