Small secondhand automatic? - PBB
Could anyone recommend a small reliable automatic for my wife? Our maximum budget is £2,000 which is somewhat limiting. Have spotted a few 1990-92 Renault Clio autos within price band, but the guides warn against old Renault autos for poor reliability.

Most important factor is reliability. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who runs a Micra or Punto CVT auto.

Thanks in anticipation.
Small secondhand automatic? - crazed
dont buy a CVT as the belts snap and knacker the gearbox casing

especially an old one such as you are after

best bet is something with a trad auto box, such as corsa or small japanese job
Small secondhand automatic? - Dudley
Funnily enough, I asked HJ for his advice on a small auto for £2,500 the other day (for aged in-laws). He suggested Toyota Starlet (check it's got PAS), esp. for reliability. Rather elusive car so far, but I'm still looking!
Small secondhand automatic? - Liz Lawson
A warning to others. In total desperation I bought a Clio 1.6RT auto that I hadn't even seen, through a local garage about 3 months ago and hate it. It surges - and I now know I can do something about that, but it does seem too small a car for its powerful engine. It is small, the sunroof rattles - a design fault apparently, there is nowhere to put tissues, sweets, de-icer etc and the dog won't go anywhere near it - just as well as the dog-guard won't fit. After getting 40-50mpg from my 1992 diesel astra I've dropped to a max 30mpg with this 3 year old (V reg) horror. I know I was conned but a fool and their money are soon parted. The garage just say that the fuel consumption is what they would expect. Anyone out there got any comparable figures on fuel consumption for their auto's.
Small secondhand automatic? - Andrew-T
A few 205 automatics still come up for sale in AutoTrader, and by the nature of their owners they often have only 30-40K on the clock. The auto was one of the last models in the 205 range because there was no replacement ready, so a decent L to 96N plate should be available near you.
Small secondhand automatic? - KB.
My uncle died a month ago and left a 2.5 - 3 year old silver 5 door Corsa auto which would have done the job, but it's worth nearer £4k than £2K so doesn't help very much unless you raid the piggy bank :-)

Small secondhand automatic? - daryld
Avoid Corsa autos. I have owned two (one from new) and they really are dogs.

First one was a 1.4i auto, bought new. Gearbox lasted until 33,000 miles where the transmission failure light kept coming one on the dash and it would then stay in 2nd gear. Dealer guestimated a solenoid fault.

Second was a 10,000 mile 1.4i auto from Vauxhall NetworkQ; diagnosed with transmission 'flare' from very first day we had it. Needed new gearbox. We got our money back in full.

I would go for a Toyota auto; my father had a 1.3i Corolla auto with 87,000 miles and it was sweet as a nut.
Small secondhand automatic? - Vansboy
Hyundai Accent, as I've mentioneb before, I've bought for customers, have been ex Mobility scheme.
Low miles,small, but not supermini size.Your budget increased to £2500 will buy 99T/V 10-25000 miler.

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