2007 2.2 Tyre Wear - past_it
Hi Guys
My 2007 CRV has 18000 miles on the clock it has only been used as a family vehicle, never raced never been off road (boring really).
My concern is when checking the tyres I found 3 of them are wearing normally and evenly but the rear near side tyre outer 30% of the tread is worn down to the wear bar
All the pressures are checked on occasions and always found to be ok.
Any ideas?
2007 2.2 Tyre Wear - bsm
I had the same problem, rear N/S tyre ( original Bridgestone ) worn on outer edge, only difference I had done 38,000 miles. The workshop had no idea of the cause, everything OK at sevice, the tyre was replaced. The O/S tyre lasted a further 6000 miles, and had worn evenly. My boot is always fully loaded and I'm off road a couple of times a week. Anyone else experienced this kind of tyre wear?

2007 2.2 Tyre Wear - past_it
Thanks for that bsm, I'll ring Honda tomorrow and see what excuse they come up with.