V-Tec Sports Tyres? - pda
Any advice welcome on the best tyres for the CRV?

We will be towing a caravan but road noise is something we don't want.

It currently has Bridgestone Duellers fitted and holds the road well.


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V-Tec Sports Tyres? - Hamsafar
I think Bridgestone Dueller is not a particular tyre, but a diverse catergory, like Goodyear Eagle. The new Michelin Latitude is supposed to be good (there are a few versions of this too).
V-Tec Sports Tyres? - Jumbo
I use Michelin Latitudes. Have found them to give good grip, low road noise (compared to the original fit Bridgestones) and the wear rate is so much better. Don't know about variations of this tyre - its too dark and cold to check at the moment!
V-Tec Sports Tyres? - Manatee
What size are the tyres Pat? A couple of us have just had Michelin Latitude Tours fitted at Costco - 215/65R16, but I'm not sure that they have them to fit the 15" wheels fitted pre-2005 MY.

V-Tec Sports Tyres? - pda
I've just been out in the snow to have a look!

205/70R15 is the size.

Off to work now!