Scam Adverts - maltrap
Just read a sobering piece in Mail On Sunday. Someone bought a £3k vehicle after responding to a scam ad' in Autotrader. The warning given was never send money abroad.
Scam Adverts - midlifecrisis
Not read the article, but I bet they were responding to add along the lines of '2007 BMW 530d, low miles, £3k'.

Quite simply, how stupid do you have to be!
Scam Adverts - maltrap
I don't know the vehicle description, the scam was, the female seller claimed to be a doctor who had moved back to Greece.
Scam Adverts - 1400ted
The Daily Mail story said it was a Zafira. The buyers sent the £3k by some sort of money gram or transfer. I cannot understand why people spend this sort of money on something they haven't even seen.................greed, I suppose, getting something mega-cheap and not thinking ahead.
Scam Adverts - jbif
... usually due to a loophole in Britain's moneylaundering regulations .. >>

Britain is not alone, apparently.
This story
from Friday 30 January shows that even clever folk such as Lawyers can be taken in bigtime by scammers.
"'I'm a capital 'D' Dumbass', admits fleeced victim of Lads from Lagos
A Houston lawyer is suing Citibank after being taken for $182,500 by email scammers ... "