03 1.6 How to change a pollen filter ? - Richard Huddleston
I?ve bought the 2 new filters which ?lock? together, got the glove box off but there?s a bar running across the front of the aircon unit which restricts access. So I assume that I take the filter cover off, remove the old filters, slide the new bottom filter in over the bar and let it drop behind the bar, then slide the top filter in so it locks into the bottom one, and replace the cover.

Problem: there doesn?t APPEAR to be a snap-off cover. The dealer says there should be but it all seems to be part of the aircon box moulding.

The moulding shape on the front of the box compares very favourably with the shape of the new filter housings, as if I need to carefully cut the old (original?!) filters out with a Stanley knife, then refit the new ones as above.

Does this sound right? Seems unlikely to me.

Thanks in advance.

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03 1.6 How to change a pollen filter ? - Richard Huddleston

Here's Mitsubishi's response:

Re: Mitsubishi Carisma Pollen Filters.

Thank you for your email received on 9th February.

Pollen filters are not fitted as standard on Mitsubishi Carismas. The pollen filters which you possess are after market accessories, that must be fitted by a Mitsubishi dealer as the fitment process is not straight forward.

For this reason I am unable to advise on a fitting procedure.

All I can suggest is that you take you vehicle to your local Mitsubishi dealership


Shame it didn't say that in the handbook in the first place..............
03 1.6 How to change a pollen filter ? - Woodspeed
Hmm, never known an air con equipped car not to have a cabin filter. I wonder if there is confusion between what you call a pollen filter and what the manufacturer calls a cabin filter? VW years ago had a slightly more expensive filter that was called pollen! Without a filter all sorts of small dust and fungus gets in and causes smells.
03 1.6 How to change a pollen filter ? - Richard Huddleston

Indeed the aircon does now smell, after you turn it OFF, oddly.

I give up, I'll live with it.

03 1.6 How to change a pollen filter ? - Chas{P}

Have a look here:


Select Filters, Application guide, Select your vehicle, click on pdf for VCF254 which is also fitted to the Volvo S40.

Seems that the cabin/pollen filter is located above the glovebox.


03 1.6 How to change a pollen filter ? - Richard Huddleston

Yes, it APPEARS so but nothing removes from the moulding, even though the filter I was sold looked as if it would slot in.

We can only go on what Mitsubishi says.


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