1997 1.6 electrical hell - marley
Got major electrical gremlins in the mother-in-laws megane! If only it was the airbag, or brakes. Sorry I digress......
1- when the brakes are applied the rear indicator light comes on, but only on the left hand side.
2- believe it or not to turn the windscreen wipers on you have to turn the heater on!?!
I have disconnected the wiper arm but still the wipers only work via the heater switch, checked all electrical connections and fuses and there is no corrosion on any connections or bulbs, they are in good nick and are clean.
Has anyone else experienced this before because I know any garage especially renault is gonna sting me for these electrical probs, or any advice...please no mother-in-law jokes!
1997 1.6 electrical hell - elekie&a/c doctor
I think your electrical faults will be caused by bad earth ciruits.Both common faults on these and fairly easy to fix.The rear lights will need attention to the plastic multi pin connectors that attach to the bulb holders.The wiper/heater fault will be poor earth connectors in the multi -pin connector block found in the drivers kickwell panel behind plastic sill trim ,below bonnet release handle.It is a large black plastic block.hth
1997 1.6 electrical hell - marley
will have a look many thanks
1997 1.6 electrical hell - thomp1983
as has been said the wipers issue will be caused by a fault in the multiplug behind the drivers kick panel, however i found on my sisters old megane the actual pins had burnt out and had to be bypassed as opposed to a poor connection.

1997 1.6 electrical hell - marley
all sorted nice work! many thanks!
1997 1.6 electrical hell - eric184
Surprise suprise, I too am having electrical faults with my 1998 1.6 megane classic, mine quite simply cuts out if i should choose to use the indicator or windscreen wiper stems?? any idea's for me on this?? Also suffering with my two rear door being permanently locked??