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2002 - Timing Belt Noise - spliffy100
I have just had the timing belt and balance shaft belt replaced on my 2002 Accord Coupe at the main Honda dealer.
Ever since I picked up the car, I have noticed a slight 'growling' noise at approx. 1500rpm, which I am sure is one of the belts (particularly noticeable from inside the car).
When I took the car back, the technician assured me that the noise would go away in a few weeks, after the new belts have 'bedded-in' to the rollers.
Is this correct, or are the belts too tight?
I don't want to damage the water pump or any other bearings.

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Honda Accord Timing Belt Noise - M.M
Could just be an aux drivebelt but very likely they've overtightened the timing belt and it needs re-tensioning. The other option is that a worn tensioner bearing they should have noticed and replaced (did they fit a kit or just belts?) is being rapidly knocked out by the new belt. Either way needs looking at before it all fails.


Honda Accord Timing Belt Noise - spliffy100
They fitted only the belts.
The car sounded perfect before they touched it, and it's only done 35000 miles, so the tensioner should be ok.
Honda Accord Timing Belt Noise - David Horn
Overtightened and now wearing out the bearings in something?
Honda Accord Timing Belt Noise - M.M
You're right the bearing should be OK at 35k so it's either tooth noise from excess tension or as David Horn says the tensioner or idler bearing rapidly failing due to the over-tension. A timing belt should never ever need to "bed in"!

Whatever the case I would stop running this engine immediately before something fails.

Honda Accord Timing Belt Noise - spliffy100
Thank you for your replies.
So much for Honda main dealers !
I think I'll be taking a trip back there.
Honda Accord Timing Belt Noise - spliffy100
Just to give an update...I took the car back to Honda and they 're-adjusted' the timing belt.
The noise has now gone away.
Just to be clear, I originally described the noise as a 'low level growling'.
Maybe I should have said a 'whirring' noise, which was quiet, but annoying.
I think that the belt may have been too loose, rather than too tight.
Anyway, it's fixed now, and I've added this information to help others.
Thankyou for your replies !

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