04 2.4 D5 engine durability - Dazed & Confused
I have a Volvo XC90 D5 SE Geartronic which I bought new in June 2004 and which has covered 35,000 miles. I read the recent auction report on this site that stated that an XC90 price reflected the common problems and expense with injector failure. A look at the car by car whats bad section revealed that the cam belt and tensioner are also prone to failure and should be replaced at 60,000 miles or 4 years. Can anyone shed any more light on this subject? As this engine is widely used in the Volvo range, does this problem occur in V70s, S80s etc. Also what is the cost to get it done, and does the official serving schedule call it up at any point. Finally, is failure catastrophic to the engine, and what would a replacement cost? Any thoughts gratefully recieved.

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04 2.4 D5 engine durability - TheOilBurner
2002-03 D5s were subject to injector failure, subsequent ones seem fine.

There has been a few tensioner failures reported here, but on the whole it's considered a near bullet proof engine.

I wouldn't consider these engines problematic myself, but then I would as I have a 2005 S80 D5 and been very happy with it.
04 2.4 D5 engine durability - Dazed & Confused
Thanks for your comments Oilburner, which are very interesting. However, the car referred to in the auction report was a 2004 54 reg, which would suggest that the problems still persisit. I certainly bought the car because I was looking for long term reliability, and your comments about being bulet proof are encouraging.
04 2.4 D5 engine durability - Altea Ego
>revealed that the cam belt and tensioner are also prone to failure and should be replaced at 60,000 miles or 4 years.

Have you changed it? yours being over 4 years old?
04 2.4 D5 engine durability - Dazed & Confused
No I haven't, thats why I was interested if it came in the servicing schedule at any point. I think I will ring the dealer on Monday and find out the costs.
04 2.4 D5 engine durability - prm72
As you say there are a lot of Volvo's with this engine and it is known as a reliable lump. I've heard of the odd one throwing a belt but i don't think its that common, i'll probably change the belt on my S60 D5 at about 80,000, as for cost i've heard a good indie will cost about £200 supply and fit, quite an easy job by all accounts.
04 2.4 D5 engine durability - Dazed & Confused
Thank you prm36 for your thoughts. Having a good look around the forums it appears that the oilburner was correct about the injector problem being on earlier cars. With regard to the belt, there are instances on the forums of failure but they do seem fairly rare as you say. Prehaps HJ car by car breakdown is overstating the problem because the conseqences of failure can be very expensive. I will check out the cost, but am seriously considering leaving well alone.
04 2.4 D5 engine durability - Brian Tryzers
Tried to persuade my Volvo dealer to change the belt at the 84,000 mile service last autumn. He wouldn't do it - insisted it should wait until 96,000: "I've never known one go early, sir." The all-in price for that service is about £600 for an S60 - and it'll be beautifully clean when I get it back.

For the record, I've had the car since new in 2002 (and owned it since I left the job it went with in 2004) and I could not be more pleased with the engine's performance, economy and reliability. I'm enjoying it more than ever at the moment; long may it continue.
04 2.4 D5 engine durability - Brian Tryzers
Footnote to this: had the 96,000 service done at a main dealer last week and it came to a shade over £460. I'd been toying with the idea of swapping the car for a newer S60. but it's running so well and costing me so (comparatively) little, I don't really see the point.
04 2.4 D5 engine durability - prm72
Don't blame you WB, i was toying with changing mine for a new shape S80, but i think i'll hang on for another year at least, mines the S60 D5 auto by the way 05 reg.
04 2.4 D5 engine durability - hind01
I have an S80SE on a 53 plate it has now done 214,347 miles it is the best car I have ever owned it's about to get a bottom body re-spray this week, it is as good as new and still has loads of original parts two many to mention! I have never missed a service and its never let me down the only worn part is the steering wheel which is now smooth! I use it as a work horse doing executive hire and hope it will keep going for many more years. I have had it from new so know all the history