91 1.3 Lack of Power, Carb Spitting, Poor Braking - Kevz
Hi, I'm here again hoping for anyone to help me shed some light on my VW Golf Mk2 1.3 with the 2e3 Pierburg transistorised ignition car.

The problem is that two days ago I was on my way home and going up a hill and I put my foot down but as it levelled, it started jerking rather violently. I was then flooring it home but I was struggling to do 50mph.

At first I thought it was blocked jets so I cleaned the carb jets and I left it in paraffin all night and checked the floats, jets, power valve, all the diaphragms, the vacuum pipes, the manifold flange and the timing (spot on!). And I?m getting a good spark...

She's ok when she's idling. It sounds a little bit like a motorbike but I can?t find anything wrong, but I?ve noticed when testing it back and forth that the brakes are not as good. I'm wondering if the vacuum servo might have some thing to do with the carb's spitting.

I've done the test as in pump the brakes and start the engine and I?m sure the pedal goes down slightly. But I can't really say it moves a lot. I've tried putting my thumb at the end of the manifold pipes with my dad having his feet on the throttle and brake but I can?t feel any pressure sucking or blowing. I?m not too sure of if this could relate to the poor running or is it just nothing?

Help please....


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91 1.3 Lack of Power, Carb Spitting, Poor Braking - Pugugly
91 1.3 Lack of Power, Carb Spitting, Poor Braking - mfarrow
Carb icing?

There's plenty of discussion on the matter, best to do a forum search without specifying a make or model.


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91 1.3 Lack of Power, Carb Spitting, Poor Braking - rtj70
Is this not related at all to your problem in August? I notice you were unlucky to get advice then.


And also:


Also you had "power problems" (clutch) on a FIAT earlier - were the symptoms similar:


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